Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to Make your Wedding “Child Friendly”!

For most people planning their wedding, children will always be apart of their guest list. Whether they’re cousins, nieces, nephews, a friend’s child, or yours, its inevitable that there will be some youngsters at your wedding. So how do we include these lovely young people? This is a question commonly asked during the wedding planning process and can be solved very easily and in a multitude of ways. Instead of avoiding them and planning around them, why not fully embrace them and plan some things especially for them that not only they will enjoy, but so will you!

Drinks: Drinks are always a way to include children, but also appeal to people not drinking. It’s always important to give your guests an option of a non-alcoholic drink, whether that’s soda, water, or some kind of flavored drink such as lemonade and sweet tea. A way to play up the child friendly aspect is to make a few drinks specifically for them. Milkshakes, root beer floats, and a fruity punch is always a fun option when considering child favorite refreshments.

Food: This is a fun option for the kids but mostly the Bride and Groom. Having food specifically for the children at the wedding not only makes it easier on the adults, but also on the Bride and Groom’s wallet. Most children don’t like to branch out on their food choices and end up avoiding the food served at the wedding. Not because it’s not good, but because they don’t want to experiment. A great way to compromise on this dilemma is to order some food just for the children at the wedding. This could be done through your caterer or through any of your favorite fast food drive through. How cute would it be to order a certain amount of happy meals and have them set up a children only table? This is such a budget friendly option that not only pleases you but also the kids!

Activities: Activities are by far the most beneficial option to have at your wedding for the children. This is because it gives them something to do while also allowing the adults to enjoy their night and not have to worry about what little Jimmy is running around doing. One option for an activity could be a coloring table. This could serve as their dinner table as well. This is an easy and inexpensive option that delivers fun and comfort for everyone and something that will surely keep the youngsters busy. Another option is to have a cards table. This could be for the children that are a little bit older and no longer interested in coloring. A deck of cards on a table is so easy and beneficial when you look across from the dance floor and see all of the children entertained by Go Fish!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Groomsmen Gifts

Everyone knows it’s so important to treat the ladies during the wedding festivities, but what about our men? How can we forget about the leading men in the wedding fun? Just like the bride has to have her gals by her side, so does the groom! With all of that being said, the groomsmen need to be treated just as well and rewarded for all of their duties. Here are a few things that we found that we think will show the men how much they’re appreciated without breaking the bank!

Personalized Flask & Cigar Holder
    Custom Leather Shaving Kit
Personalized Caricature Beer Glass

 Hangover Relief Kit

    Personalized Tailgate Dispenser Cooler

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bridesmaids gifts under $30!

Tis the season for bridesmaids gifts! Bridesmaids are an essential piece of your wedding puzzle and should be awarded for their vital roles on your special day! But you dont have to break the bank to show your appreciation and love for these ladies. Here are ten great gifts under thirty that will surely show your gals how much you love them!

1.     Makeup Brush Kit: Sonia Kashuk Gold Brush Set at Target! This is a perfect gift for all the makeup gurus out there! This Sonia Kashuk kit comes with a variety of brushes for all your wants and needs! Perfect for the wedding day!:) $29.99

2.    Initial Necklace: For a perfect, simple look these Amanda Deer necklaces are for you! Find these elegant necklaces at etsy for $28 dollars! For orders more than 3, you get an addition 10 percent off!

3Mimiemergency Kit: This fabulous invention can be found at many retailers and salons. The mimiemergency kit is equipped with a gals most important essentials. This is another great gift for the busy wedding day! $16

4.  Furry Slippers: This gift is great to make your bridesmaids feel pampered and special on your day when they're getting ready. These furry slippers can be found at pottery barn for an amazing $25 dollars!

5.  Luxe Nail Polish:  $20 from Julep. Julep polish is fast-drying, long-lasting, with a non-toxic formula and is paired with a high-performance, professional brush. Another great plus about this is that a portion of the proceeds go towards organizations that empower women. Empowering women and pretty nails to hold your bouquet with, Whats better than that?

6. Scarves: If you want a cute scarf, is the place for you! Choose from a selection of fabulous scarves from this incredible site! This is a fun option that shows each bridesmaids personality and style! $23- $30

7. Naked Basic Palette: This is the most fabulous eye shadow palette on the market right now! With six gorgeous neutral tones, Urban Decay knows what theyre doing! This is great for everyday and night wear! Not to mention, looks great on a wedding day!:) $27 at Ulta!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Perfect Dress for You!

Okay, so now that we’ve found “the one”, it’s time to find “the one” wedding dress! This is the dress that we, as girls, start thinking about at age five and don’t stop thinking about until we hand the cashier at Kleinfeld's our credit card! This is by far the most important dress that we will ever wear, so it has to absolutely perfect! The key, however, is to wear the dress, not let the dress wear you! Here are a few tips for each body type and what looks best on what!

For petite body types, it’s important to choose something that accentuates your body. Dresses with a slender silhouette are your friend, ball gowns however, are your foe. Ball gowns tend to overshadow your body and take away from your small figure.

Larger Bust
To help take away the focus from your chest, larger busted brides should go towards the fuller skirts. This draws the eye more towards your waist than your chest. This also helps to balance out the contrast between your chest and lower body. Straps and sleeves are another great idea when picking out a dress. This helps give support while also giving the illusion that your chest is smaller than it really is.

Smaller Bust
Completely opposite from woman with a larger bust, woman with smaller bust want the illusion that they have more than what they actually have. To do this, it’s important to look for dresses with texture! Bodices with things such as rushing is perfect for this body type and help make the bride look well in doubt, even if she isn’t!

Lean and Straight
For this particular body type, the key is to create curves! To do this, it’s important to look for dresses with flared skirts, diagonal draping, and daring necklines! Ball gowns are another great silhouette, due to the cinching at your natural waist and hiding of your lack of hips. This silhouette also helps accentuate your natural slender build.

Hour Glass
A-line dresses and waist defining sashes are hourglass figures best friends. The A-line silhouette is great for this body type because it cinches the waist at its smallest point and shrinks the hips. Mermaids are also a great look for this body type due to the slimming of the waist!

Pear Shape
For this body type, just think the letter A. It is key to highlight the narrowness of the midsection and take the attention away from the hips and thighs. To do this, it’s important to look for dress that has a skirt that gradually flares out in an A formation. Necklines that accentuate this body type are v necks and spaghetti strap bodices.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Unique Wedding Exits

In the wedding world, it is very easy to fall into a routine of similar traditions and trends. You go to your best friend’s wedding and see something you like that they did and the next thing you know you and her entire bridal party are doing it too. This is where creativity and individual uniqueness comes into making your wedding day the most special to you and your significant other. One of these traditions that are nice to change up is the exit. There are so many ways today that it can be done to switch it up and do something that represents you as a couple. Not to mention, get some great photos:) Here are a few ideas to help end your wedding with a bang!

·    Sparklers
·       Bubbles

·       Glitter
·       Glow Sticks
·       Rose petals
·       Colored Pom Poms
·       Lavender
·       Sports Shakers
·       Silly String

·       Ribbon Wands